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Art Saint Louis
Art Saint Louis is a not-for-profit visual arts co-op gallery, organization and advocate exhibiting work by established and emerging artists from the St. Louis region.

ArtDimensions is a nonprofit, 501c-3 arts organization created by artists for artists to provide exhibits and opportunities for local artists and to revitalize the St. Louis community through the arts.

Beth Goyer
A Photo Gallery

Catherine Newcome
Catherine's photographic art provides intimate and thoughtful imagery for the soul. Inspired by the beauty of nature and humanity, her collections of themed prints will challenge your senses and speak to your mind and heart

Chesterfield Arts

Deanna Chafin
Each abstraction is a result of my imagination and therefore allows the viewer to free-associate, however many of my paintings are born from memories of a tumultuous childhood swirling within the forced fidelity to institutionalized religion and my personal conflict with the hypocrisy of those attempting to influence my views.

Ecology of Absence
The Biocultural Geography of Abandonment, Deindustrialization & Transition In St. Louis and the Greater Midwest

Erica Popp
My favorite subjects to photograph are nature and architecture, and preferably a combination of the two. I love really old stuff, like old abandoned houses and barns. My current work is dealing with man's relationship with nature. I believe that the earth has such a capacity to heal itself that if we let any man-made object alone long enough it will simply dissintigrate and go back to the earth.

Foundry Art Centre
A dynamic, interactive interdisciplinary arts center dedicated to the creation and presentation of contemporary visual and performing arts. Our mission is to bring together the arts, artists and everyday people through exhibitions, studio space, performing arts and educational programs. The Foundry serves as a rich cultural resource for the entire region.

Heather Haymart
My paintings are both my voice and my therapy. Analyzing and dissecting every facet of the human condition is what moves me to create. I am inspired by everything: words in a poem, a conversation between strangers across the room, and my own personal experience. Painting with vivid color and deep texture satisfies my need to respond to all that surrounds me. My designs are both premeditated and spontaneous. I contemplate the placement of shapes for the best design, but I also allow the paint and texture to lead me. Finishing a piece reveals the answer I was looking for, the explanation I needed, and a clarified view of the world.

Jane Linders
Jane Linders is an award-winning photographer whose prints are in numerous national and international collections. Linders has exhibited her work everywhere from her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. She is a tireless image maker, whose work can be seen in galleries, books, magazines and newspapers. Her favorite subjects are the eerie beauty of historical cemeteries as well as the oddities of roadside Americana. Jane makes her home in St. Louis, Missouri, but you might find her lurking around cemeteries anywhere in the world.

Jim Sabo
Impressionist, abstract, landscape, nature, still life and floral are all featured.

Jim Trotter
A wide range of commercial imaging including: product, fashion, interior, architectural, industrial, and portrait photography.

Lori Purk
The simple, yet fascinating and colorful, details found in nature are the focus of Lori’s current work. She hopes to evoke an emotional response from her viewers and to help them “see” and “feel” the everyday beauty that can be easily overlooked in this fast paced world. It is her mission to convey her love of nature and to inspire others to value and protect our natural world through her photography. She is willing to educate anyone who is interested.

Mary Beth Shaw
My art tells a story through layers. Whether working in representational collage or the abstract, I create multiple layers in my paintings which invite the viewer to question what is revealed vs. what is concealed.

Pat Malon
Cityscapes and Landscapes

St. Louis Artists' Guild and Galleries
The St. Louis Artists' Guild is a resource and advocate for creative expression, serving the Midwest as a center that exhibits, supports and promotes the visual arts.

The Best of Missouri Hands
The Missouri Artisans Association d.b.a. The Best of Missouri Hands was founded in 1989 as a nonprofit corporation "dedicated to the development and recognition of Missouri's arts and artisans through education, interaction, and encouragement."

Valerie Rippey Photo Imagery
Valerie Rippey is a former painter and now an award winning photographer, who combines the concepts of painting with the medium of photography. The results are artistic renderings and explorations of the world around us and our journey through it. If you are looking for angry art, keep looking . . . Like the flower blooming from a crack in the sidewalk, this art seeks to remind that beauty, hope and courage sustain us in the midst of our gritty every day lives.

Wendy Werner
I have been taking photographs for more than twenty years, but did not begin displaying them until 1995. Although I have no formalized training in art or photography; I have always had an interest in all forms of art and studied some art history in college. Through my travels I have had the opportunity to visit a wide variety of museums and continue a personal study of art.

William Lobdell
3-D art that you have to see to appreciate.